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Home – Mauricio Manieri

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Another summer dayHas come and gone awayIn Paris and RomeBut I wanna go home, mmm
May be surrounded byA million people IStill feel all aloneJust wanna go homeOh, I miss you, you know
And I’ve been keeping all the lettersThat I wrote to youEach one a line or twoI’m fine baby, how are you?
Well I would send them but I knowThat it’s just not enoughMy words were cold and flatAnd you deserve more than that
Another airplaneAnother sunny placeI’m lucky I knowBut I wanna go homeMmm, I got to go home
Let me go homeI’m just too farFrom where you areI wanna come home
And I feel just likeI’m living someone else’s lifeIt’s like I just stepped outsideWhen everything was going rightAnd I know just why you could notCome along with meThat this was not your dreamBut you always believed in me
Another winter dayHas come and gone awayIn even Paris and RomeAnd I wanna go homeLet me go home
And I’m surrounded byA million people II still feel aloneOh, let me go homeOh, I miss you, you know
Let me go homeI’ve had my runBaby, I’m doneI gotta go home
Let me go homeIt’ll all be all rightI’ll be home tonightI’m coming back home
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